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Lauren Millier on Economic Development and Urban Planning

Lauren Millier in this interview discusses economic development, its challenges and links to urban planning and place branding. Part of a special series in collaboration with the International Economic Development Council, IEDC.

How Sustainable Urbanisation and Place Branding Shape Cities in Southeast Asia

Sustainable urban development and place branding are on the rise in major cities across Southeast Asia, reports Dominic Mason from Singapore.

Events as City Branding Opportunity: 4 Things Small Cities Need to Avoid

Can events support the city branding of small cities? Yes, argues Christian Dragin-Jensen, if city officials manage to avoid four common pitfalls. With examples from Denmark.

Dominic Medway on City Marketing and the Future of Town Centres in the UK

Dominic Medway of Manchester Business School discusses the role of city marketing and place branding in the repositioning of town centres in the UK.

Why Placemaking and Place Branding Should Work Hand in Hand – Through Experience Masterplanning

Closer collaboration between placemaking and place branding is the argument presented in this guest post by Malcolm Allan, Jeannette Hanna and Roger Hobkinson, who introduce us to the concept of Experience Masterplanning.

Irina Shafranskaya on City Happiness and Place Branding in Russia

Irina Shafranskaya shares her thoughts on city branding practice in Russia, current place branding trends, city happiness and sustainable urban development.
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