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Mariette du Toit-Helmbold on Destination Marketing Strategies, Travel Trends and Brand South Africa

Mariette du Toit-Helmbold of Destinate and former CEO of Cape Town Tourism, in this interview discusses destination marketing strategies, travel trends and the evolution of Brand South Africa.

Michael Persson Gripkow of Visit Sweden on Country Brands and Destination Marketing in the Digital Era

Nation branding and destination marketing in the digital era are some of the topics which Michael Persson Gripkow of Visit Sweden discusses in this interview.

Frans van der Avert on Amsterdam City Marketing and Destination Branding

Frans van der Avert, CEO of Amsterdam Marketing, on city marketing, branding and how the popular destination deals with issues such as tourism overcrowding.

Gregory Pomerantsev on Aviation, Travel and Place Branding

Gregory Pomerantsev on city brands, airBaltic, Belarus country branding and the role of aviation and airlines in place branding

Mara Seminario on Country Branding, Destination Marketing and Brand Peru

Mara Seminario, "the mother of Brand Peru", on Peru's approach to country branding and destination marketing, and how Lima become a tourism success.

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