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Destination Brand Professionals

Mike Fabricius on Africa, Destination Marketing and Place Brand Management

Mike Fabricius of tourism destination consultancy The Journey, on the depths of what place branding and destination marketing really mean. We further discuss examples from his work on place brands and his involvement with places in Africa and across the world.

Petra Trimborn on Destination Branding and Sustainability in Germany

Petra Trimborn of inspektour consultancy in Germany, on destination branding, strong city brands and sustainability as competitive advantage.

Antonios Giannopoulos on Destination Branding, Tourism and Innovation

Dr. Antonios Giannopoulos discusses the services industry, marketing strategy, and implementation within the context of tourism management.

José Fernández-Cavia on Digital Media, Place Brand and Destination Branding

José Fernández-Cavia, Head of the Department of Communication at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, discusses digital media and destination branding research.

Doug Lansky on Competitive and Sustainable Destinations

Doug Lansky - a travel writer, speaker and performer whose keynotes on destination development and the future of DMOs are legendary. An avid traveler, Doug has made it a profession to look at both sides of the coin - the pristine landscapes and wildlife, and the cramped parking lot from where you are photographing them. Just like his book "Travel, the Guide", this interview is an eye opener for those in charge of managing and marketing destinations.

Albert Salman on Green Destinations and Sustainable Tourism Leadership

Albert Salman explains what makes a destination "green", its benefits and challenges, and how the new Green Destinations initiative supports the sustainable development and management of tourism destinations.
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