Lauren Millier on Economic Development and Urban Planning

Lauren Millier in this interview discusses economic development, its challenges and links to urban planning and place branding. Part of a special series in collaboration with the International Economic Development Council, IEDC.

Greg Clark on City Branding and Urban Development: Challenges and Opportunities

Greg Clark CBE in this interview discusses city branding and urban development trends, challenges and opportunities, with examples from around the world.

Event Alert: City Nation Place Annual Forum in London, 9 November 2017

City Nation Place Global Forum London, United Kingdom, 9 November 2017: get together of place branding professionals from around the world. Here's why you should attend.

Gordon Innes on City Branding, Placemaking and Economic Development

Gordon Innes in this interview shares his thoughts on city branding, economic development challenges and the benefits of integrated place management.

How to Communicate Your Innovation City Brand in 5 Steps

How to communicate your innovation city brand in five simple steps - city marketing expert advice by Christopher Hire of 2thinknow consultancy.

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