Brand Urbanism: Building Sustainable Partnerships Between Brands and Cities

City brand advisor Rinske Brand introduces us to the concept of brand urbanism and illustrates how it has been employed by cities such as London, Madrid, Manila and Ghent. Learn about the opportunities and risks of city-brand collaboration.

The Beauty of the Less Significant — City Branding by Other Means

Christopher Hire calls for city branding which is playful, light and experimental. Learn from giants like Paris, or minnows in Japan.

Recap City Nation Place Forum 2016 – Insights for Place Brand Professionals

Learn about key place branding insights, examples and global trends in this recap of the City Nation Place Forum which took place in London, November 2016.

David Adam on City Branding, Urban Management and Better Cities

David Adam, city development and branding consultant, discusses the future of cities and strategies for investment attraction and place brand positioning.

Place Branding Case Study: Developing a Brand Strategy for London Bridge, UK

Case study on the brand development for the London Bridge neighborhood, by place branding strategy consultant Malcolm Allan and Place Marketing Manager Donald Campbell.

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