London City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

London's performance in international indices and studies measuring livability, city brand strength, economic competitiveness, sustainability and innovation.

Clare Dewhirst on Changes in Place Branding Discourse and Practice

Clare Dewhirst, organizer of the City Nation Place conferences, in this interview discusses how the discourse and practice of place branding have changed.

dn&co Company Profile

dn&co: London-based brand and design consultancy inspired by culture and place. What began as a design agency working exclusively with the architecture industry, has over the past ten years developed into a brand consultancy that helps create meaningful places of all kinds.


UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is the world’s first global cloud based agency: a brand and digital marketing consultancy. More about its services and leadership here.

How Incredible India and the Reputation of London Led Me to PhD in Place Branding

Shalini Bisani tells us how the "Incredible India" marketing campaign and the reputation of London led her to pursue a PhD in Place Branding in the UK.

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