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Publisher, coach, advisor. Founder and editor of TPBO. Believes in the power of sustainability and storytelling to connect people, to spread ideas and to make this world a better place for all. Author of An Insider's Guide to Place Branding (Springer, 2021). Founder of the Sustainability Leaders Project.

How Sustainability Impacts Country Brands and Soft Power – Podcast Ep. 13

Podcast episode on how sustainability impacts country brands and soft power - based on an expert panel discussion, featuring New Zealand.

How to Measure Place Branding Effectiveness and Success – Podcast Ep. 11

How to measure the success of place branding programs - their effectiveness and impact? Our panel of experts has some good ideas, which I share with you in this podcast episode.

How to Succeed with Place Branding – Place Brand Leaders Podcast Ep. 10

The keys to place branding success - based on insights shared by the TPBO panel of place identity and reputation experts.

Why Do Many Place Branding Projects Fail? Place Brand Leaders Podcast Ep. 9

Why do many place branding projects fail? In this shortcast I provide insights by the TPBO expert panel on the main reasons for place branding failure.

How Useful is Place Branding? Place Brand Leaders Podcast Ep. 8

How useful is place branding? In this shortcase I share insights from the TPBO panel of experts on why investing in place branding is justified.

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