Uruguay a Good Place for Investors? Interview with Martín Larre

Uruguay has many features which make it attractive for international start-ups and investors, though not always are those widely known. Martín Larre in this interview tells us why he chose the country for his ventures and how the experience has been so far.

Our interview with Martín Larre is part of a special series and report on Uruguay.

Martín, as Argentinian now based in Montevideo, do you remember what led you to choosing Uruguay as place to live and work, rather than Buenos Aires, for example?

I moved to Uruguay because I had and Uruguayan girlfriend. I had lived in Buenos Aires for 25 years and I was looking for a city with a smaller scale.

Briefly, can you tell us which projects you have been involved with so far, and the lessons you have learned from each, as entrepreneur and investor?

I was a founder of woow, the biggest eCommerce in Uruguay. With woow we learned that Uruguay is a great market for eCommerce.

Then I was the founder of KidBox, one of the first Ed Tech startups in Latin America. We designed tablets for kids, and we got to have more than 1 million users in Latin America. With Kidbox I learned how to operate a company in several countries.

In the last years I was CEO of Sinergia, the largest co-working company in Uruguay, with more than 6 spaces and 1 co-living property. Through Sinergia I learned a lot about sharing economies and collaboration.

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