How Uruguay is Evolving as Tourist Destination | Interview with Benjamín Liberoff

Benjamín Liberoff, Uruguay's Vice Minister of Tourism, in this interview illustrates how the popular destination has changed over the years, what makes it unique in South America and where he likes to spend his own vacation.

Our interview with Benjamín Liberoff is part of a special series and report on Uruguay.

Benjamin, you are Uruguay’s Vice Minister of Tourism since 2016. Do you remember what triggered your interest in working in travel and tourism?

I remember it perfectly well, it was working with UNESCO for the International Youth Year and the Geneva informal meeting of organizations of students and young people.

How has Uruguay as destination changed over the years?

Dramatically in the number of visitor arrivals: 2.1 million in 2005 compared to 4.2 million visitors in 2018.

Concerning foreign currencies earned through tourism, there was also a substantial increase, from US$ 540 million to US$ 2.3 billion in the same period of time.

Which aspect would you consider the most crucial for the sustainable development of Uruguay as tourist destination?

It is really important to maintain a strong reputation of our brand “Uruguay Natural” associated with quality of life.

Imagine you meet a group of discerning travelers at a travel show like ITB in Berlin. What would you tell them, to convince them to visit Uruguay?

I would highlight the geographical proximity of our natural and cultural attractions, our gastronomy associated with the “gaucho” traditions, and the ability to visit a unique Art Deco district, not to be found anywhere else in South America.

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