Pablo Brenner on How PuntaTech Has Become the Meeting Place for IT in Uruguay

Continuing our series of interviews on why to choose Uruguay as place to visit, work and invest in, meet Pablo Brenner - serial investor and co-founder of the PuntaTech MeetUP in Punta del Este. In this interview, Pablo shares his own entrepreneurial story. He also tells us what brought him to Uruguay, and why he wouldn't dream moving anywhere else.

Pablo, you are one of Uruguay’s leading entrepreneurs and the co-founder of the annual Puntatech meetup - do you remember what first brought you to entrepreneurship and technology?

My case is somehow different from that of other entrepreneurs. I started my career in Israel, and the first company I worked for (Fibronics) had a very entrepreneurial culture. As a matter of fact, many Israeli start-ups were founded by people working at Fibronics, in the late 80s.

Briefly, can you tell us which projects you have been involved in so far, and the main lessons you’ve learned from each, as entrepreneur and investor?

Back in time in Israel, I was co-founder of a (at the time) very successful start-up (alvarion), which even did IPO in Nasdaq (before the internet crushed). I learned a lot from the experience, growing from two people to over 1000. Reaching sales of 100M+ etc.

Back in Uruguay, I applied my learnings at Prosperitas Capital Partners, the first VC in Uruguay and Fondo emprender (first seed fund). At both I learned a lot, about both entrepreneurship and investing.

I participated (directly or indirectly) in tens of start-ups, with some nice wins (Alvarion, Globant for example), some losses (junar and greentizen for example), and many still ongoing (Collokia, and others).

As serial entrepreneur based in Uruguay, do you experience the country as particularly entrepreneur-friendly?

Uruguay is very entrepreneur-friendly for the initial start-up phase. There is a lot of government and NGOs support, so it is relatively easy to get seed funding and mentoring. But it is harder on the next phases (Series A, gotomarket, etc.).

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