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David Haigh on the Meaning and Valuation of Nation Brands and Soft Power

David Haigh of Brand Finance, on current trends and developments in nation brand valuation and soft power performance.

Why Invest in Place Branding – How Useful Is It?

Is place branding useful? What are the benefits for cities, regions and countries? Our panel of place branding specialists explains.

Calin Hertioga on Brands and How to Build a Future-Oriented Branding Strategy

Calin Hertioga of Interbrand consultancy explains the meaning of brands and how place branding can lead to successful, sustainable destinations.

Guido van Garderen on the Grand Challenges of Branding and the Ultimate Course on Brand Strategy

Interview with Guido van Garderen, former Strategy Director at Interbrand, on the ‘grand challenges’ of branding, the ultimate course on brand strategy and his thoughts on nation branding in Africa.

Public Vs. Private Sector Branding Explained: Similarities and Differences

Which are the differences and similarities between public and private sector branding? Our international panel of place branding specialists has answers.

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