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City Branding

Mariusz Sagan on Shaping Lublin: Innovative Strategies for a Dynamic City Brand

Discover how Mariusz Sagan is driving Lublin’s development and growth through innovative strategies and collaborations in our interview.


Get to know Resonance, a leading consulting firm focused on economic development of cities and regions, placemaking and city branding.

Lublin: Poland’s Hub of Culture and Innovation

Discover Lublin, Poland's vibrant city of culture and innovation. Explore its unique identity, economic growth, and strategic initiatives.

Xinxin Liu on City Branding in China: Navigating Urban Identity and Economic Growth

Explore insights into city branding in China with Xinxin Liu, Associate Professor at the Communication University of China.

Chris Wade on Sustainable Urban Development and the Intersection of Placemaking and Place Branding

Interview with Chris Wade on placemaking and place branding, with a focus on cities and sustainable urban development in the UK and beyond.

Stuart Speirs: Leading Silver Lining Strategy

Explore Stu Speirs' expertise in event strategy and place branding. Learn about Silver Lining Strategy, shaping impactful community events.
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