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dn&co Company Profile

dn&co: London-based brand and design consultancy inspired by culture and place. What began as a design agency working exclusively with the architecture industry, has over the past ten years developed into a brand consultancy that helps create meaningful places of all kinds.

Jeannette Hanna of Trajectory Consulting on Creating Authentic Place Brands

Jeannette Hanna, chief strategist at Trajectory Consulting, discusses authentic place brands and the link between place branding, placemaking and place management.

Natasha Grand on Creating Place Identity

Natasha Grand of the Institute for Identity (INSTID), on place identity creation as tool to guide locals to their greater purpose, and to unlock their self-esteem. Learn why place identity work will be needed even more in a post-industrial world.

Why Successful Placemaking Needs A Meaningful Brand, Not A Mere Logo

Placemaking specialist Andrew Hoyne on why successful place development needs a meaningful brand and not a mere logo, with case studies from Australia.

On Place as Society of Brands and How to Maneuver Place Brand Crowds

In this guest post, Sikko Baltus of HubTownCity examines the nature and purpose of brands. He introduces us to the idea of Place as a society of brands, and tells us how to benefit from brand crowds.

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