How to Brand a New Housing Development: Case Study Hudson Woods, New York

If place branding makes you think of master strategies for cities, destinations or entire countries, think again. Places and brand strategies can be much smaller and more modest, for example focused on visuals and design - experience and feelings.

In this case study, Studio Sanderson's James Sanderson and team share some key insights on how to brand a housing development and how design has helped created a sense of place for Hudson Woods, New York.

Studio Sanderson is a boutique brand and marketing agency in New York City, which has created place branding initiatives for multiple properties, cities and countries. Some of their projects have included Burj Khalifa, Dubai, Lakeside, Chicago and The Seaport District in New York City. 

Ambition: A new kind of housing development

Lang Architecture (a New York City Architectural firm) had a bold ambition to create a new type of housing development at the foot of the Catskills named Hudson Woods.

Intended as vacation properties, the homes at their most modest would have three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garage; each would be built to order.

With ambitious growth plans Lang asked Studio Sanderson to advise the team on how they should create and build a brand to capitalize upon the perceived strengths of the property and market it to the growing number of urban expats coming into the area from New York city.

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