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place identity

Jesper Falkheimer on Place Branding, Media and Strategic Communication

Professor Jesper Falkheimer of Lund University in Sweden on the links between place branding, media and strategic communication.

Origins and Meaning of ‘Clean, Green’ New Zealand

In this example of country reputation, learn about the origins and meaning of 'clean, green' New Zealand, and how this place myth has shaped the country's brand positioning, its image and national identity.

How LIKE BERLIN Helps Residents Express their View on City Identity

In this guest post Dirk Krischenowski, CEO and founder of dotBERLIN, discusses how cities can give their residents a voice and a platform to share their view on the city's identity, using the example of a city marketing initiative in Berlin, Germany.

Brazil, Olympics, Media Representation: Wild Like the Jungle?

Brazil place brand expert Caio Esteves reflects on stereotypical media representations, the country image of Brazil and the country's unconsolidated national identity.

Place Making: The Construction of Regional Identity

Guest post by Gerard van Keken on place making as tool for non-places and regions to stand out, and how locals can support regional branding initiatives.

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