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Juan Carlos Belloso Speaker Profile

Juan Carlos Belloso: keynotes, workshops and seminars on city and destination branding, developing and managing cultural districts and smart destination management.

Spain Country Performance, Nation Brand Strength and Reputation

Spain: its economic performance, country brand strength and reputation, according to studies measuring economic development, livability, soft power and sustainability.

Gonzalo Vilar on Country Brands, Place Branding and Digital Demand

Gonzalo Vilar of Bloom Consulting in Madrid shares his experience of helping countries develop and manage their branding, and discusses the role of digital demand.

Bloom Consulting

Company profile of Bloom Consulting: place brand strategy consultancy and pioneer of the concept of the Digital Place and Digital Identity: places known for their commitment to digital technologies as a way of organizing their economies, their governance, their place-making, place branding and promotion.

Mateu Hernández Maluquer of Barcelona Global on City Brand Challenges and Talent Attraction Strategies

Mateu Hernández Maluquer of Barcelona Global in this interview discusses the branding, competitiveness and reputation of the capital of Catalonia - its strengths and challenges as hot spot for entrepreneurship and talent.

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