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Madrid City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Summary of rankings on how Madrid performs in terms of economic performance, city brand strength, livability and reputation.

Alia El Banna on Identity and Belonging in Place Branding

Alia El Banna on authentic place branding, the impact of cultural mobility, and the value of global communication in marketing education.

Barcelona – City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Explore Barcelona's economic and sustainability performance, its city brand strength and reputation, according to leading rankings.

Spain – Economic Performance, Sustainability, Country Brand Strength and Reputation

Spain: its economic performance, country brand strength and reputation, according to studies measuring economic development, livability, soft power and sustainability.

Barcelona: The Catalonian Capital of Culture and Innovation

Barcelona: how attractive for visitors, investors, talent? How does it approach city branding and destination marketing? How does it fare in global benchmarking studies? Special report.

Consol Vancells Casanovas on Barcelona City Branding, Co-Creation and Storytelling

Consol Vancells Casanova shares how the image and identity of Barcelona have changed over the years, and why co-creation and storytelling are especially important for city branding, following the COVID-pandemic.
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