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brand positioning

9 Key Differences Between Advertising Agencies and Brand Consultancies

Marcus Osborne presents nine key differences between advertising agencies and brand consultancies. Highly recommended reading for those in charge of the brand development and management of cities, regions or destinations.

Branding Cities Through History and Culture: Example Verona and Cannes

Svetlana Masjutina discusses the role of history, culture, events in the branding and brand positioning of cities, with Verona in Italy and the French city of Cannes as examples.

Media Coverage of Clean, Green and 100% Pure New Zealand

Summary of research conducted for assessing place brand credibility in the case of 'clean, green' and '100% Pure' New Zealand destination brand positioning.

City Branding: To Flag or Not to Flag?

To flag or not to flag? Amelia Green investigates how city flags are used for place branding in cities such as Chicago (USA) and Gold Coast, Australia.

Todd Mayfield on Branded Wayfinding for Destinations

Todd Mayfield, Principal and Group Creative Director of Axia Creative, talks about the key attributes, the challenges and trends in destination and city branding.

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