Interview with Todd Mayfield on Branded Wayfinding for Destinations

Travel with us to Palm Beach, Florida, for this interview with Todd Mayfield, Principal and Group Creative Director of Axia Creative. Learn about branded wayfinding for destinations, the differences between branding a product, event or place (from a designer's perspective) and the ingredients for creating a successful brand.

Learn about:

  • The core ingredients a brand needs in order to be successful;
  • Differences between branding cities from organizations or products and why cities can be the most challenging;
  • Current trends in city marketing and promotion;
  • The concept of Branded Wayfinding;
  • Why place branding is not about creating a logo and an advertising campaign.

Todd, what is it that fascinates you about brands? And why did you decide to found Axia Creative?

While at the University of Hawaii in the mid 1970s, I met Paul Rand after he gave an inspiring lecture on corporate identity. I was impressed with the simple way his well-crafted logos captured the essence of brand. This was a key moment in my early evolution as visual communicator.

My father was creative director in a San Francisco ad agency. He later opened his own firm in Honolulu, which eventually was bought by Doyle Dane Bernbach. So, either I was heavily brainwashed as a young child or profoundly inspired by his creativity. I think my relationship with my father and the fact that I share his creative genetics are the reasons I always wanted to run a creative studio of my own.

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The Editorial Team

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