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How Eindhoven Uses City Branding Strategies for Economic Development and Community Self-Esteem

Peter Kentie on how the Dutch city of Eindhoven is using city branding strategies for its economic development as hotspot for high tech and design, and how it is contributing to stronger community self-esteem.

Brave and Bold: Creating New Logo and Visual Identity for Irkutsk City in Eastern Siberia

Natasha Grand of INSTID illustrates how her team helped to create a new visual identity for the "tough" city of Irkutsk in Siberia, Russia.

City Observatory

Reports, insights and stories linked to the performance of cities, their investment and talent attraction strategies, city branding initiatives, placemaking and talent attraction strategies.

Sofia City Branding, Placemaking and Urban Transformation: A Personal Account

Rinske Brand and Rozemarijn Stam reflect on the current state of city image and city branding in Sofia, Bulgaria, and discuss how placemaking initiatives could help Sofia live up to its full potential as city.

How the German City of Bielefeld Used Participatory City Branding Strategies for its Rebranding

Learn how the German city of Bielefeld used participatory city branding strategies for its rebranding and for building a strong city brand which allows it to connect residents with businesses and visitors.

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