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city marketing

Xavier Theret on Territorial Marketing and How Nantes Has Become Known as Creative and Innovative City

Xavier Theret in this interview discusses territorial marketing strategies and current challenges, and illustrates how the French city of Nantes has managed to position itself as a hub for creativity and culture.

Begüm Tatari on the Brand Positioning and Marketing Strategy of the City of Izmir in Turkey

Begüm Tatari in this interview shares her experience of helping the Turkish city of Izmir with its city branding strategy and implementing its city marketing, especially the bid to be host city of the EXPO 2020.

City Marketing Explained: Insights, Strategies, Examples

City marketing - why it matters and how to do it is the focus of this special page for city marketers, economic developers and city brand managers.

Adam Mikolajczyk of Best Place Institute on Meaningful City Branding

Adam Mikolajcyk of the Best Place Institute in Poland shares his thoughts on the country's nation brand and the current state of city branding practices in Central and Eastern Europe.

How Eindhoven Uses City Branding Strategies for Economic Development and Community Self-Esteem

Peter Kentie on how the Dutch city of Eindhoven is using city branding strategies for its economic development as hotspot for high tech and design, and how it is contributing to stronger community self-esteem.

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