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Berlin City Performance, Brand Image and Reputation

Berlin city performance, brand image and reputation, according to international indices and studies on livability, environmental performance, city brand value, economic development, sustainability, attractiveness and ease of doing business.

8 City Marketing Trends and Developments to Watch

City marketing practice is undergoing significant changes. Here eight trends in 2017, as suggested in the book titled Städte als Marken: Herausforderungen und Horizonte (Cities as Brands: Challenges and Perspectives).

Peter Pirck on City Branding Practices and Trends in Germany

Peter Pirck of German consultancy Brandmeyer Markenberatung reflects on city branding trends in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and discusses ways to measure the economic impact and success of place branding initiatives.

2017 Country Reputation Ranking: Leaders, Highlights and Trends

Country reputation study 2017: Nicolas Georges Trad shares key findings of RepTrak ranking and reflects on changes in country reputation over the last years.

Gert-Jan Hospers on Urban and Regional Development and Place Marketing

Geography Professor Gert-Jan Hospers of the Netherlands discusses the challenges of marketing former industrial cities and using place branding to beat demographic shrinkage.

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