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Artur Bryzghalov

Place Branding Associate, Brand Finance

Artur joined Brand Finance in 2018 after graduating from the King's College London in Political Economy. Artur is currently a Level III Candidate for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) programme. Artur is fluent in three languages - English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Artur has experience in valuation, strategy, market research analysis for clients including Chevron, Rockwool, Iberia, Etihad, and stc. Artur also has experience in Brand Finance’s sports services offering, in particular, measurement and return on investment projects with global clients like Formula 1.

Currently, Artur leads place branding projects at Brand Finance. In particular, the Global Soft Power Index and Brand Finance City Index.

About Brand Finance

Brand Finance Plc is the world’s leading independent brand valuation consultancy. We advise strongly branded organisations on how to maximise their value through the effective management of brands and intangible assets.

Founded in 1996, Brand Finance has performed thousands of branded business, brand and intangible asset valuations worth trillions of dollars.

Brand Finance's services support a variety of business needs:

  • Technical valuations for accounting, tax and legal purposes
  • Valuations in support of commercial transactions (acquisitions, divestments, licensing and joint ventures) involving different forms of intellectual property
  • Valuations as part of a wider mandate to deliver value-based marketing strategy and tracking, thereby bridging the gap between marketing and finance

Our clients include international brand owners, tax authorities, Intellectual Property (IP) lawyers, marketers, and investment banks. Our work is frequently peer-reviewed by the big four audit practices and our reports have also been accepted by various regulatory bodies, including the UK Takeover Panel.

Brand Finance is headquartered in London and has a network of international offices in over 20 countries worldwide.

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