Place Branding Case Studies and Examples Around the World

Place branding case studies and examples for your city, region, state or destination.

Developing a place brand strategy which lasts, is accepted by internal stakeholders and successful in attracting talent, visitors or investors is no easy task. A good way to start is to study place branding campaigns and strategies which have worked well elsewhere.

To help you along the way, and to facilitate benchmarking, we are continuously looking for good example and innovative approaches to strengthening place identity and perceptions. If you know of a place branding strategy which has worked well – or impressed you – please let us know.

Place branding examples featured so far (in alphabetical order):

Airports | Barcelona (Spain) | Bielefeld (Germany) | Cannes (France) | Catalonia | ChileCork (Ireland) | Dublin (Ireland) | Edmonton (Canada) | Eugene, Cascades & Coast (USA) | Gold Coast (Australia) | Guadalajara (Mexico) | Hamburg (Germany) | Hudson Woods (USA) | Irkutsk (Russia) | Israel | Izmir (Turkey) | Just ESTonishing (Estonia) | Lipetsk Land (Russia) | London Bridge (UK) | Lund (Sweden) | Mississauga (Canada) | New Zealand | Nordic Region (Europe) | ONLYLYON (France) | Oslo | PeruPlacemaking examples Australia | Promoting Destination Turkey in Israel | Stockholm (Sweden) | The Hague (Netherlands) | Tillamook County (USA) | Uruguay | Verona (Italy) | Vienna (Austria)

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