Place Branding Case Studies and Examples Around the World

Place branding case studies and examples for your city, region, state or destination.

Developing a place brand strategy which lasts, is accepted by internal stakeholders and successful in attracting talent, visitors or investors is no easy task. A good way to start is to study place branding campaigns and strategies which have worked well elsewhere.

To help you along the way, and for benchmarking, we have put together a list of place branding examples from around the world, to serve you as guidance and inspiration.

Covered so far (in alphabetical order):

Airports | Barcelona (Spain) | Bielefeld (Germany) | Cannes (France) | Catalonia | Cork (Ireland) | Dublin (Ireland) | Edmonton (Canada) | Eugene, Cascades & Coast (USA) | Gold Coast (Australia) | Guadalajara (Mexico) | Hamburg (Germany) | Hudson Woods (USA) | Irkutsk (Russia) | Israel | Just ESTonishing (Estonia) | Lipetsk Land (Russia) | London Bridge (UK) | Mississauga (Canada) | New Zealand | Nordic Region (Europe) | ONLYLYON (France) | Oslo | Placemaking examples Australia | Promoting Destination Turkey in Israel | Stockholm (Sweden) | The Hague (Netherlands) | Tillamook County (USA) | Verona (Italy) | Vienna (Austria)

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