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At TPBO, we take pride in showcasing organizations that share our dedication to responsible place branding (placemaking and place marketing) and the pursuit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Impact Partner Network, through its initiatives and contributions, embodies the principles and values that drive our platform. Together, we work towards enriching the practice and understanding of place branding (= placemaking + place marketing) in alignment with global sustainability objectives.

If you're seeking collaboration or support in line with these values, or wish to connect, please reach out.

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Featured Impact Partners:


FutureBrand, a leading authority in place branding strategy and country brand creation, brings nearly two decades of industry experience and a strong foundation in research. The firm's renowned FutureBrand Country Index reorders the top 75 countries based on Purpose & Experience—a data-driven approach to understand brand perception. This valuable insight helps enhance a country's image and attractiveness for tourism, trade, and investment.

#placebranding #nationbranding #brandstrategy #futurebrandinsights #brandinnovation

HQ in Buenos Aires, with offices across Latin America

Country and Nation Branding | Agency Showcase | Website


Resonance is a leading global advisor on tourism, real estate and economic development for the world’s best destinations, cities, districts, and developers.

Our perspective is informed by our proprietary World’s Best Cities rankings and by our WRLDCTY Global Forum for Urban Innovation, which brings the planet’s most creative minds together to help shape the future of city development.

#placemaking #cityinnovation #bestcities #urbandevelopment

HQ in New York City with offices in Vancouver, Montreal, London and Singapore

Placemaking & Economic Development | Agency Showcase (soon) | Website


TOPOSOPHY is a leading placemaking and marketing agency renowned for its comprehensive approach to regenerating places and infusing them with life. Toposophy offers a seamless delivery of services across four pivotal areas: Research & Intelligence, Strategy & Consulting, Marketing & Branding, and Creative Platforms & Events. Its mission is to assist destinations in unveiling their full potential through innovative strategies and sustainable visions, ensuring they leave a lasting impression.

#placemaking #destinationmarketing #sustainablevision #creativeevents

HQ in London, UK with office in Athens, Greece

Placemaking & Destination Marketing | Agency Showcase | Website


Trove Tourism Development Advisors (“Trove”) is a leading tourism strategy and marketing agency. Over the years, the Trove team has served more than 25+ destinations. Trove works in two key areas - destination marketing and destination development, supporting tourism boards to develop more effective brands and marketing campaigns while also supporting the overall sustainable growth of the industry at large.

#DestinationTransformation #TourismInnovation #CommunityDrivenTourism

HQ in New York City with office in London, UK

Destination Development & Marketing | Agency showcase | Website

Taller 10i9 is a pioneering marketing consulting agency specialized in the strategic development of brands and promotion through digital content and innovative developments. We work closely with influential Latin-American brands and focus on positioning places in Panamá, developing their potential with a sustainable vision. Our approach is centered around inspiring people and brands to break the mold and go against conformity.

#breakthemold #teamwork #brandinnovation #digitaltransformation

Chicago, USA and Bogotá, Colombia

Place Marketing & Promotion | Agency showcase | Website

(Melbourne, Australia) specializes in tourism and events strategy, planning, and evaluation. It works with tourism authorities, event owners and councils to plan events that engage locals, drive visitation and encourage investment. The company’s place-based events approach helps put communities on the map.

#listentolearn #invested #openandhonest #communityovercompetition #leavealegacy

Melbourne, Australia

Tourism & Events | Agency showcase | Website

(HQ in London, UK) is the world’s leading independent brand valuation and strategy consultancy, which publishes the Nation Brands report on the top 100 most valuable country brands and the Global Soft Power Index – the world’s most comprehensive research study on perceptions of soft power.

Title Sponsor of the Place Brand Leaders Yearbook 2024

#softpower #nationbrand #brandvalue #valuebasedmanagement #insightdrivenstrategy

HQ in London, UK with offices around the world

Place Brand Valuation & Reputation Management | Agency Showcase | Website

CivicBrand provides branding, engagement and destination marketing that builds civic pride and attracts talent, tourism & investment.

#loveyourcity #publicengagement #citybranding #destinationmarketing #economicdevelopment

Richardson, Texas (USA)

Placemaking & City Branding | Agency Showcase | Website

(Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) is a strategically-led creative agency, and the Australian authority and a global voice in Place VisioningTM, property branding and marketing.

A passion for place has also led Hoyne to publish The Place Economy, a series of resource books that present thought-leadership on best practice placemaking from around the world and demonstrate the categorical link between good placemaking and significantly higher profits (both economic and social).

Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, Australia

Placemaking & Place Marketing | Agency Showcase | Website

Trajectory is the brand development partner of choice for regions, communities, tourism, economic development, major events and destinations across North America. From Washington, DC to Vancouver Island, we enable places to articulate compelling answers to the fundamental question – Why choose here? – for residents, visitors, talent and investors. Our tools: meaningful stakeholder engagement; brand strategies and messaging to fuel growth; identity and design systems that scale from hyper-local to global; and implementation tools that equip your teams for success.

#BrandResilience #DesignThatMatters #authenticity #AmbitiousPlaces #CommunityCo-creation

Toronto, Canada

Placemaking & Place Marketing | Agency Showcase | Website

Committed to Responsible Place Branding:

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