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How Economic Development Programs Can Change Perceptions of Places

How can economic development programs change perceptions of place? We asked our panel of place brand experts, who in this post share some innovative examples from around the world.

Creative Financing for Place Branding Programs: Examples

Examples of how unconventional financing methods have helped support place branding programs, shared by the TPBO panel.

How Gastronomy Impacts Place Branding

How important is the gastronomic offering of a place in attracting tourism and new residents looking to relocate? We offered our panel of place branding...

How Sustainability Impacts Place Branding – And Vice Versa

Sustainability and place branding: how do the two fit together? Panel of place brand makers and shapers has answers.

How Media Portrayal of Places Influences Branding Strategy

How places which have been ridiculed or made fun of, for example in the media or film (think Borat movie) have found a way to "own the joke" and use it to their benefit.

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