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The Future of AI in Place Branding: Bridging Technology and Humanity

Explore the future of AI in place branding, highlighting ethical concerns, and the balance between technology and human creativity.

AI in Place Branding: Overcoming Bias, Misinformation, and Homogenization

Explore the challenges of integrating AI in place branding, from data privacy to authenticity, and how to navigate these issues effectively.

AI in Place Branding: Opportunities for Destination Marketing and Economic Development

Explore how AI transforms place branding, enhancing destination marketing, tourism and economic development.

Place Branding in 2024: Expert Insights on Trends and Priorities

Place branding trends 2024 according to expert panel: geopolitical shifts, sustainability, tech integration, community focus, overtourism management, diversity.

Global Soft Power Index 2024: Key Trends and What They Mean

Explore the Global Soft Power Index 2024 highlights: key trends, country rankings, and insights on economic influence and nation brands.

Aligning Place Branding with Sustainable Development Goals

Experts discuss the importance of UN Sustainable Development Goals in place branding, focusing on community identity and enhancing reputation.
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