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Aligning Place Branding with Sustainable Development Goals

Experts discuss the importance of UN Sustainable Development Goals in place branding, focusing on community identity and enhancing reputation.

How to Navigate Ethical Pitfalls in Place Branding

Expert panel shares key insights on ethical place branding: Emphasizing cultural understanding, genuine community impact, transparency, and stakeholder involvement.

Towards an Ethical Framework for Place Branding

Code of ethics for place branding: why do we need it and how could we develop it? Place Brand Leaders share their thoughts.

Place Branding in Times of Crisis and Uncertainty: Insights and Highlights from the IPBA Conference 2023

Explore insights and highlights from the IPBA Conference 2023 in Helsingborg, Sweden, on "Place branding in times of crisis and uncertainty."

Place Reputation Insights & Strategies

Explore key insights into place reputation, highlighting how cities and regions shape their global image and impact through cultural and economic strengths.

Shopping Centers: Opportunity for Community Development?

How can shopping centers support place branding and strengthen community identity? Expert panel of city specialists share their thoughts.
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