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Country Brand Professionals

Pumela Salela

Pumela Salela is on a mission to brand Africa one country at a time. Discover her inspiring journey and connect with her as a speaker and advisor.

Maria Lypiatska on Leading Brand Ukraine with Resilience and Vision

Discover how Maria Lypiatska, Head of Brand Ukraine, navigates the challenges of nation branding during crisis. Interview.

Adriana Acosta: Leading Costa Rica’s Country Branding Strategies

Meet Adriana Acosta, in charge of 'Essential Costa Rica,' driving the nation's image through strategic branding and market positioning.

David Downs: Shaping New Zealand’s Story

Meet David Downs, highly experienced professional currently in charge of New Zealand Story Group. Explore his background and speaker profile.

Constanza Cea on How Chile is Creating Future

Constanza Cea shares how Chile is positioning its country brand(ing) towards clean energy and other aspects of sustainability, attracting new investment and global attention.

Tessa Jacques Antoine on Investment Opportunities, Talent Attraction and Brand Haïti

Tessa Jacques Antoine in this interview shares the story of Haïti, its country branding and how the small island state is working towards attracting investors and talent.
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