How We Help


Executive Briefings & Reports

Uncovering the depths of place branding through insight reports requires an expert touch. With over a decade of experience, we've collaborated with the frontrunners of place branding, spanning cities, regions, and countries. Our Executive Briefings and Reports are designed to equip you with invaluable insights, serving as a source of inspiration for your place brand strategy.


Place Brand Storytelling

Elevate your place's prominence and articulate your unique "Why here" to an audience of skilled professionals, investors, and curious visitors. Follow in the footsteps of esteemed regions like Costa Rica, New Zealand, South Africa, and Tasmania. Secure your spot in our curated series of outstanding location showcases.

Florian Kaefer Speaker Brand Finance Forum 2022

Speaker Bureau

Are you looking for someone to give your event or conference fresh insights and inspiration? Or a seasoned expert to support your place brand outreach work?

We know some of the best professionals around. Need help or looking for a personal introduction? Get in touch!

Our Global Partnerships

At TPBO, we pride ourselves on forging meaningful relationships with destinations and organizations worldwide. Here's a glimpse of our global footprint:

Countries, Regions & Cities:

From the quirky innovators of Tasmania to Brabant in the heart of Europe; from the cultural tapestry of Peru to the sustainability ambitions of Costa Rica; the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand and the vibrant spirit of South Africa: we've journeyed across continents to bring their stories to the forefront.

Whether it's the innovative buzz of Auckland, the historic charm of Graz, or the financial prowess of the Greater Zurich Area, we've partnered with diverse cities to highlight their unique value propositions.

Conferences & Forums:

Our involvement extends to notable events like the Global Soft Power Summits by Brand Finance (London, UK), IPBA's International Place Branding Conferences, the annual City Nation Place forum (London, UK), or the Incheon City Brand Forum in South Korea.

Consultancies & Agencies:

Collaborative ventures with industry stalwarts such as Brand Finance, Hoyne, and Development Counsellors International enrich our expertise and network.