How We Help

We help location advisors and countries, cities & regions around the globe tell their stories, reach key audiences and showcase their strengths.

Services & Offerings

Research & Analysis

Together with our partner network we craft and conduct surveys, interviews and in-depth research to help locations uncover brand perceptions (how valuable, credible, how vulnerable?) and identify opportunities for growth.

Storytelling & Content

We offer sponsored content opportunities for place organizations to showcase their location and leaders through articles, podcasts, interviews, videos and reports.

Distribution & Marketing

In addition to promoting across TPBO’s channels, we’ll build and manage paid campaigns to reach your key audiences, such as corporate decision makers and industry-specific talent.

Network of Experts and Consultants

Looking for a location branding, placemaking or reputation expert? We connect you with our extensive network of speakers, consultants and other experts in the place brand space.

A Sample of Previous Clients

  • Uruguay, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Costa Rica, Slovenia
  • Noord Brabant, Greater Zurich Area, Greater Geneva Basel Area, Fribourg, Schwyz, Alserkal Avenue Dubai
  • City of Auckland, City of Zug, City of Graz (Austria)
  • City Nation Place (UK), Nordic Place Branding Conference (Sweden), Incheon City Brand Forum (South Korea)
  • Brand Finance, Hoyne, Future Place Leadership, Synergia Poland, Development Counsellors International, Trajectory,...

Location Spotlight Series

See an example of a Spotlight page, built and promoted for Story New Zealand. We offer spotlight pages to businesses / brands as well as locations.