Welcome to the Place Brand Observatory: virtual research hub dedicated to monitoring and analysis of the performance, brand image and reputation of cities, destinations and countries.


Economic competitiveness, soft power, reputation and contribution to global well-being form part of our country profiles. Featured so far:

Australia | China | Colombia | FranceGermany | Estonia | Iceland | Israel | Japan | New Zealand | Nigeria | Russia | Turkey | United Kingdom | USA


Talent attraction potential, urban sustainability and livability, and economic strength are some of the topics featured in our city profiles. Featured so far:

Amsterdam | Bangkok | Barcelona | Berlin | Buenos Aires | Copenhagen | Medellín | Melbourne | Mexico City | New York | Paris | São Paulo | Sydney


Sustainability performance and image is the focus of our destination profiles. Leading sustainable tourism practitioners, consultants and researchers share their impressions on the sustainability performance and reputation of destinations, which can be entire countries, regions or cities.

Destination Australia | Destination Brazil | Destination Canada | Destination Cuba | Destination Greece | Destination Costa Rica | Destination Cyprus | Destination Philippines

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Launched in January 2018, the Place Brand Observatory is supported by a growing team of research assistants and associates around the world. If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch.