Case Studies

Rebranding Barcelona as City for Business, Talent and Innovation: City Branding Case Study

City branding expert Juan Carlos Belloso in this case study reflects on Brand Barcelona and its rebranding as city of talent, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Destination Branding Case Study: Rebranding Tillamook County, Oregon

Destination branding case study by Bill Baker with details on place branding strategy and approach used for Tillamook County in Oregon, USA.

City Branding Case Study: How Branding Strategy Helped Improve Downtown Dublin

Case study by Niall Corcoran of Creative Inc on the city branding of Dublin, Ireland. Good example for branding as strategy for inner city development.

How to Develop a City Branding Strategy: Example Cork, Ireland

City branding case study on Cork in Ireland - a step by step example of creating and executing a city brand strategy by the branding expert, Malcolm Allan.

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