Place Branding Case Study: Developing a Brand Strategy for London Bridge, UK

In this place branding case study, learn about the development and implementation of a place and destination brand strategy for the area of central London, known as London Bridge, one of the oldest areas of the city, dating back at least two millennia.

The case study was written by Malcolm Allan, founder and Managing Director of Placematters (PM), a UK-based place brand strategy consultancy, and Donald Campbell, Place Marketing Manager of Team London Bridge, which manages the Business Improvement District for that area of central London.

Learn about:

  • The commissioning of place brand strategy and destination audit;
  • The community consultation;
  • Creating the brand proposition;
  • Implementing the proposition;
  • Lessons of relevance for other similar city areas.

Part 1: Commissioning of place brand strategy and destination audit

About London Bridge

The London Bridge area (often thought of as the area around the south side of the current London Bridge over the River Thames and the adjacent major railway station) is one of the oldest settlements in the UK and possibly the oldest part of London, dating back over two millennia.

The area has strong associations with the Romans, with English cultural history (Chaucer, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Johnson, Dickens, Peyps) and the development of English global trade with the colonies (e.g. importation of tea, sugar, meat, cloth).

It is known for innovative commerce (e.g. railway engineering, food preservation and canning, clothing manufacture), the development of community health care and medicine (medieval hospices and latterly Guy’s Hospital), higher education (Kings College), and the visual arts (the Tate Modern and the Design Museum anchoring the western and eastern sides of the area).

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The Editorial Team

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