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Case Studies

How to Develop a City Brand Strategy – Example Mississauga in Canada

Get behind-the-scenes information and useful insights into how to develop a city brand strategy in this case study on the city branding of Mississauga in Ontario, Canada.

Place Branding Case Study: Developing a Brand Strategy for London Bridge, UK

Case study on the brand development for the London Bridge neighborhood, by place branding strategy consultant Malcolm Allan and Place Marketing Manager Donald Campbell.

Destination Branding Through National Airline: Example Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon discusses the national carrier's role in communicating New Zealand's destination branding, and the country-of-origin benefits.

Branding a Stateless Nation: Public Diplomacy Strategy of Catalonia

How to represent and promote a stateless nation internationally? Case study on nation branding, cultural and public diplomacy strategy of Catalonia (Spain).

How to Brand a City Destination: Case Study Vienna, Austria

Bernhard Klein reflects on the destination branding of Vienna, Austria, and how existing brand image and preconceptions influenced Vienna's brand strategy.

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