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How Sustainability Impacts Country Brands and Soft Power – Podcast Ep. 13

Podcast episode on how sustainability impacts country brands and soft power - based on an expert panel discussion, featuring New Zealand.

2022 Place Branding Trends and Priorities – Podcast Ep. 12

What topics will occupy place brand developers and managers this year? What trends to watch out for? Find out in this new episode of...

How to Measure Place Branding Effectiveness and Success – Podcast Ep. 11

How to measure the success of place branding programs - their effectiveness and impact? Our panel of experts has some good ideas, which I share with you in this podcast episode.

How to Succeed with Place Branding – Place Brand Leaders Podcast Ep. 10

The keys to place branding success - based on insights shared by the TPBO panel of place identity and reputation experts.

Why Do Many Place Branding Projects Fail? Place Brand Leaders Podcast Ep. 9

Why do many place branding projects fail? In this shortcast I provide insights by the TPBO expert panel on the main reasons for place branding failure.

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