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What Is Place Brand Management? Place Brand Leaders Podcast Episode Four

What exactly is place branding - or perhaps better - place brand management all about? We asked Martin Boisen in this fourth episode of the Place Brand Leaders Podcast.

How Can Place Branding Deal With the Climate Emergency? Place Brand Leaders Podcast Episode Three

Climate change and its implications for place branding is the topic of the third episode of the Place Brand Leaders podcast, hosted by Florian Kaefer - this time in conversation with Malcolm Allan of Bloom Consulting.

How to Ensure Destination Sustainability and Resilience Post Covid-19? Place Brand Leaders Podcast Episode Two

In this second episode of the Place Brand Leaders podcast, Florian Kaefer and Aleks Vladimirov discuss tourism sustainability post Covid-19 and share some of the tips presented in a recent TPBO white paper on the topic.

How to Structure a Place Brand Management Organization Across Political Levels and Industry Sectors

Place brand management: how to create a cross-government, cross-sector structure for successful place branding. World's leading specialists share their experience and insights on best practice, advantages and disadvantages of different approaches.

Place Brand Management: How to Initiate Brand Action Planning, How to Control

Place brand management: what to control, and how to initiate place brand action planning? Below the answers of our panel of place branding specialists (in...

How Can Place Branding Support Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding?

How can place branding support conflict resolution and peacebuilding? How can it help communities to find a shared identity and a vision for the future? Here the answers of our global panel of place brand experts.
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