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Destination reports: discover how destinations around the world are reimagining themselves, how they work to strengthen their appeal, and how, through smart strategies and entrepreneurial spirit, they strive to progress and prosper.

LucĂ­a Pinto interviewChile

Chile is among the best places in the world for astronomy and for exploring the night sky. Astrotourism is a key opportunity for the country in 2019 and likely to get considerable attention due to the total solar eclipse in July. Join us as we visit Chile’s Coquimbo region to find out how bright the country’s stars as destination for astrotourism.


Algarve, Portugal’s most popular destination and southernmost region, finds itself at a crossroads in its regional tourism development. Its coastal regions are threatened by overcrowding in the popular summer months, while in rural areas, villages are slowly dying. Tourism brings many (mostly poorly paid) jobs, which causes worker shortages in other sectors. And with economic performance strongly affected by the seasonality of tourism, the Algarve as destination faces significant challenges.

In our Algarve destination report we take a close look at its tourism development opportunities and challenges.