Tasmania, Australia offers a unique combination of metropolitan living, mild climate, a culture of inventiveness and small enterprise, safety, a strong community and jaw dropping natural landscapes. Considering making a move?

Join us as we explore Tasmania as a place to live and work, focusing on topics such as:

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  • Finding a Job & Starting a Business
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Living in Tasmania, Australia

What is life like in Tasmania?

In its interviews with residents and sentiment research abroad, Brand Tasmania identified the ideal migrant to the state: the ambitious introvert who loves nature.

Until the early 21st Century, Tasmania was considered a sleepy place – often misunderstood and overlooked, left off the map of Australia. Yet in the last 20 years entrepreneurs, artists, and others have found it to be an ideal workshop. Once, Tasmania was known primarily for its wilderness. Today, visitors and migrants also come for food and wine, for boutique tourism and industries, and for arts institutions and festivals.

The state is net-zero and runs on 100% renewable electricity. The University of Tasmania was recently named the number one university in the world for climate action by the Times Higher Education rankings.

Tasmania has some of the best bushwalking and most beautiful beaches in Australia. By contrast, the cities buzz with shops, restaurants, and local markets. With a population of just over 546,000, Tasmania has a warm and highly connected community, and it is one of the safest places in the world.

Stories from Tasmania

What is there to do in Tasmania?

When a local entrepreneur named David Walsh opened the largest privately funded museum in the Southern Hemisphere in 2011, something changed. MONA, this “museum of sex and death” at a winery, inspired new conversations about what had been in Tasmania all along: inventive, charismatic, sometimes naughty people doing special things in a special place.

Today, you can experience wetlands, mountain ranges, stunning coastlines, rainforests, and some of the most unique and adorable wildlife in the world. While “mainland” Australians find it cool, Tasmania has a mild, temperate climate – perfect conditions for sparkling wine and pinot noir.

Experience Tasmania

Working in Tasmania, Australia

How easy is it to find a job in Tasmania?

Like most places in COVID recovery, Tasmania has a labour shortage. The state is seeking health professionals, construction workers, coders, and people seeking careers in tourism and hospitality, agriculture, and education. Here are some resources to get you started.

Tasmania's proximity to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean also makes the island ideal for multiple scientific study and research institutions, including the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) and CSIRO Hobart Marine Laboratories, which attract scientists from around the globe.

The state is also a hub for entrepreneurs. In fact, 97% of the business population is comprised of small businesses and the region has one of the highest business survival rates in Australia. Learn more about starting or moving your business to Tasmania or find your next career move here.

The Regions of Tasmania

Which region is right for me?

Though Tasmania might appear small on the world map, it is actually similar in size to Ireland, Switzerland or the U.S. state of West Virginia. Living on an island, you'll never be too far from the coast, but the lifestyle and landscape varies significantly from region to region.

Lovers of city life will find what they are looking for in the harbourside capital of Hobart, where nearly half of the island's residents live. The unique combination of liveliness and livability is one not often found in other capital cities around the world. Commutes are short and nearby mountains and beaches make for the perfect after work escape.

Looking for more of a small town vibe? Launceston is Tasmania's second largest city and strikes a comfortable balance between urban and small town feel. In the North East region you'll find vineyards, mountain biking trails and some of Australia's best golf courses.

Want a bit more space to spread out and breathe in the fresh air? Explore Tasmania's North West. Enjoy life by the ocean where "farm to fork" and "sea to table" will become your norm.

Learn more about the different regions and their unique characteristics here.

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Behind the Scenes

Todd Babiak on How Brand Tasmania Took Off: Its Development and Storytelling

Todd Babiak, a passionate storyteller and currently the CEO of Brand Tasmania, takes us on his journey of developing Tasmania’s place brand. He explains how Tasmania has worked against the odds of its geographical isolation and somewhat unfavourable image to develop a strong brand narrative that is receptive, appealing, and competitive.

Brand Tasmania_Todd Babiak

More About Tasmania

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