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Nation Brand Builders: Book Review

Nation brand builders is the retrospective assessment of nation and place branding and its prospects for the future - by José Filipe Torres of Bloom Consulting, with a foreword by Malcolm Allan.

Brand Singapore and Nation Branding Post-Covid-19: In Conversation with Buck Song Koh

Brand Singapore: what makes it stand out from its peers, and what will nation branding look like after the coronavirus pandemic? TPBO caught up with Buck Song Koh to find out.

The Good Country Equation by Simon Anholt: Why You Should Read This Book

The Good Country Equation: How We Can Repair the World in One Generation is the latest book by Simon Anholt. Here's why you should read it.

The Nordic Wave in Place Branding | New Book

Cecilia Cassinger, Andrea Lucarelli and Szilvia Gyimóthy introduce us to "The Nordic Wave in Place Branding" - a new book just published by Edward Elgar Publishing. Read what Nordic place branding is all about and how it differs from other approaches.

New Book by Bill Baker: Place Branding for Small Cities, Regions and Downtowns

Bill Baker in this Q&A shares his views on how the practice of place branding has evolved (or not) since he published his last book, and how his new book, Place Branding for Small Cities, Regions and Downtowns, helps community developers, managers and marketers get on with the tricky - and still often misunderstood - endeavor that is place branding.

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