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The Place Economy Volume Two: A New Style of Placemaking Is Shaking Up Community Development Around the World

The Place Economy, Volume 2 - the long awaited second book of a series of three is now available. Andrew Hoyne in this interview shares how the art and practice of placemaking and place branding has changed since publishing The Place Economy number one.

Brand Barcelona: New Book on Creating a City Identity

Barcelona as brand and the creation of its identity as community - the focus of a new book by Chelo Morillo, a marketing and...

Imaginative Communities: How Cities, Regions and Countries Become Admired

Imaginative Communities: Admired Cities, Regions and Countries - the title and topic of the latest book by Robert Govers. A real eye-opener and must read for anyone interested in communities, reputation building and "place branding", illustrating and exemplifying what this is really about.

Bridging Disciplinary Perspectives of Country Image, Reputation, Brand, and Identity

Short Q&A with Candace White, one of the editors of the book Bridging Disciplinary Perspectives of Country Image, Reputation, Brand, and Identity.

8 City Marketing Trends and Developments to Watch

City marketing practice is undergoing significant changes. Here eight trends in 2017, as suggested in the book titled Städte als Marken: Herausforderungen und Horizonte (Cities as Brands: Challenges and Perspectives).

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