How Stockholm Positioned Itself as The Capital of Scandinavia: City Branding Example

Julian Stubbs reflects on the city branding of Stockholm as "The Capital of Scandinavia". He also discusses inter-regional branding opportunities and tells us why we are entering a new, golden age of place branding.

Learn about:

  • The case of Stockholm's brand positioning as The Capital of Scandinavia;
  • How city regions start to collaborate and unite below a shared brand umbrella;
  • How inter-regional and cross-border place branding is offering new opportunities;
  • The key challenges of seeing a city branding and marketing campaign succeed;
  • Why we are entering a new golden age of place branding.

Julian, what motivated you to write about Stockholm's city branding in your recent article in Place Branding & Public Diplomacy?

It’s been 10 years since we worked on Stockholm branding and the city has been through three different political administrations, and still kept the same focus.

Brands are about acting consistently and this is a basic area where many place brands fall down, so I thought it worth writing a retrospective of the work we did, what’s working and what still needs to be improved.

What makes the Stockholm brand so successful?

Ten years on and Stockholm has stuck with the same strategy through three different political administrations. This is really significant as I see a major problem for most places being the new politicians wanting to change everything when they get elected to office.

Brands and change, generally, are not good news. You need consistency in the branding approach and in the strategy. This has been a major success for Stockholm.

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The Editorial Team

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