FutureBrand, a leading authority in place branding strategy and country brand creation, brings nearly two decades of industry experience and a strong foundation in research. The firm's renowned FutureBrand Country Index reorders the top 75 countries based on Purpose & Experience—a data-driven approach to understand brand perception. This valuable insight helps enhance a country's image and attractiveness for tourism, trade, and investment.

FutureBrand has worked with a diverse range of countries to help them unlock their brand potential and create a unique identity that resonates both internally and externally.

FutureBrand is a brand-led business transformation company, which understands that place branding is about more than just creating a logo or tagline. It's about developing a comprehensive brand strategy that considers the place's history, culture, values, and aspirations. It's about creating a brand that not only attracts tourists but also fosters economic growth, promotes social development, and enhances the country's reputation on the global stage.

Notable projects by FutureBrand include the successful Country Brand Peru, highly acclaimed for its massive public acceptance and global recognition. It has become a respected benchmark within the industry. Another remarkable achievement is the Essential Costa Rica project, celebrated for its commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, earning prestigious awards. Most recently, FutureBrand unveiled Ecuador´s new national brand identity at FITUR 2024 alongside representatives from the country´s government.

As pioneers in place branding consultancy and design, especially in Latin America, FutureBrand continually seeks to develop innovative strategies and uncover new insights to enrich each project it undertakes.

Our Purpose

We exist to make brand tangible for our clients and its audiences by connecting brand to experience and design creativity that in turn connects to marketing and business outcomes.

Service Portfolio

  • Place Branding (design, analysis & strategy)
  • Place Branding consultancy
  • Insights, foresight & trends
  • Brand management & governance

  • Brand purpose, positioning & guidelines
  • Brand & portfolio architecture
  • Branded environments
  • Naming

  • Tone of voice & messaging
  • Visual & verbal identity
  • Digital strategy & analytics
  • Retail & hospitality
  • And more!

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Leading the Place Branding Team:

FutureBrand has a global presence and a regional network in Hispanic America, where its dedicated place branding team is based. Let´s get to know them!

Gustavo Koniszczer: Managing Director - FutureBrand Hispanic America

Gustavo Koniszczer is a brand expert with four decades of experience in the field. Formed as a graphic designer, he joined FutureBrand in 2000 as Managing Director for Hispanic America, currently overseeing operations across five offices in the region: Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Bogotá, and Mexico City.

Gustavo has played a pivotal role in more than 30 place branding projects and is now recognized as a global authority in the discipline and a specialist in the Latin American Region. Some of the country brands he worked with are Ecuador (2023), Guatemala (2022), Argentina (2012 & 2017), Perú (2011), Costa Rica (2012), Chile (2012), and Haití (2018). Additionally, he has led projects for “made in” country brands such as Wines of Argentina (2011), Wines of Chile (2004), Wines of Bolivia (2013), Alpaca del Perú (2015), and Aerolíneas Argentinas (2010), among others.

Furthermore, he has been a featured speaker at several events hosted by organizations such as ICCA, EXMA, and FLACMA. He’s also a design professor at the University of San Andrés, Argentina. Connect on LinkedIn

Laura Alfano: Brand Strategy & Verbal Branding Director - FutureBrand Hispanic America

Laura Alfano, boasting over 20 years of experience in Communication and Advertising, currently serves as the Director of Strategy and Verbal Branding for FutureBrand Hispanic America.

In her role, she has led interdisciplinary teams, successfully delivering projects for highly recognized brands. Laura has worked on country brands such as Perú, Argentina, and Guatemala, as well as “made-in” country brands like Café de Colombia (and its seal “100% Colombian Coffee”) and Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Laura’s passion extends to education. She has completed a postgraduate course in pedagogical training and frequently shares her expertise as a speaker at forums and conferences, covering various topics related to communication and advertising. Connect on LinkedIn

Marcelo Rojas: Chief Operating Officer - FutureBrand Hispanic America

Marcelo Rojas, a graduate in graphic design and master's in advanced design, joined FutureBrand in 2003 within the branding domain, primarily focusing on editorial design and corporate identity.

Currently, with more than a decade of experience, Marcelo serves as Creative Director for FutureBrand Hispanic America. He leads a creative team dedicated to brand creation design specializing in the development and implementation of identity systems for brands across various sectors—both public and private.

He played a crucial role in country brand projects such as Ecuador (2024), Perú (2011), Chile (2012), and Haiti (2018); and in “made-in” country brands like Café del Perú (2018). Connect on LinkedIn

Florencia Cueva: Strategy Director - FutureBrand Hispanic America (Buenos Aires)

Florencia Cueva has specialized in brand positioning and strategic development for the past twenty years. Her expertise includes communication diagnostics, benchmarking, conceptual identity design, and creating brand names in various styles and formats.

With a degree in Social Communication and two postgraduate courses in strategic communications management and marketing, she joined FutureBrand as a Senior Consultant in the strategy and verbal branding area.

Florencia has contributed to country brand projects in Argentina, Perú, Costa Rica, and Chile, as well as to country-specific “made-in” brands such as Perú Textiles, Alpaca del Perú, Alimentos de Perú, and Café de Colombia. Additionally, she played a key role in developing the Latin American Country Brand Index and the Latam Country Brand Report at FutureBrand. Connect on LinkedIn

Bárbara Vazquez: Specialist in Place Branding - FutureBrand Hispanic America (Buenos Aires)

Bárbara Vazquez combines a diverse educational background, blending international relations, development, marketing, and communications. She specialized in place branding and joined FutureBrand to contribute to shaping and enhancing the identities of places. Connect on LinkedIn

A few bits of advice on successful place branding:

Every place has its unique story, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach applicable across multiple locations. While different places may share similar objectives or face comparable challenges, the strategies for success can vary significantly. However, from our experience, we've identified several key elements that a place brand must achieve to ensure success:

  • A distinctive and unique storytelling that captures the essence of the place.
  • A collaborative nature that involves all stakeholders in the branding process.
  • A spirit of synergy that integrates various elements harmoniously to enhance the overall brand impact.

Connect with FutureBrand

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