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Chris Wade on Sustainable Urban Development and the Intersection of Placemaking...

Interview with Chris Wade on placemaking and place branding, with a focus on cities and sustainable urban development in the UK and beyond.

Salma Ghanem on District Identity and Place Branding in the Arab...

Explore Salma Ghanem's insights on district identity and place branding in the Arab World, highlighting unique challenges and strategies.

Alia El Banna on Identity and Belonging in Place Branding

Alia El Banna on authentic place branding, the impact of cultural mobility, and the value of global communication in marketing education.

Crafting Iconic City Brands: Geerte Udo on Shaping ‘I amsterdam’

Explore Geerte Udo's insights on place branding in this interview, highlighting strategies, challenges, and the future of 'I amsterdam'.
San Francisco city performance, brand image, reputation

San Francisco City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

San Francisco city performance, brand strength and reputation, according to studies measuring environmental performance, economic development and city attractiveness.
Helsinki city performance, brand strength, reputation

Helsinki City Performance, Brand Strength and Reputation

Helsinki: how attractive for investors, visitors, talent and digital nomads? Here our summary of international rankings and indices measuring Helsinki's economic performance, its sustainability, brand strength and reputation.