Resonance is a leading global advisor on tourism, real estate and economic development for the world’s best destinations, cities, districts, and developers.

Our perspective is informed by our proprietary World’s Best Cities rankings and by our WRLDCTY Global Forum for Urban Innovation, which brings the planet’s most creative minds together to help shape the future of city development.

Which topics are you most passionate about?

  • Destination Development
  • Economic Development
  • Urban Development

How do you support locations?

We support locations through the following services:

  • Strategic planning, destination master planning, as well as destination branding and marketing to help cities, regions and countries improve the performance and sustainability of their visitor economy.
  • Strategies that align with government priorities, community aspirations and investor needs to help regions and cities attract talent and investment.
  • Market analysis, placemaking strategies, branding and marketing to help forward-looking cities, districts and developers envision, activate and shape the future of downtowns, districts and new developments.

WRLDCTY - The Annual Get Together

WRLDCTY is an annual global forum and virtual festival presented by Resonance Consultancy to explore the future of cities through thought leadership, innovation, and collaboration. More here

The World's Best Cities - Rankings

The leading global benchmark of perception and performance for urban economies. The World’s Best Cities rankings are the most credible source of city performance in the eyes of visitors, investors and residents alike. More here

Who is leading Resonance?

Chris Fair, President & CEO

As Resonance’s President, Chris leads a global team in destination placemaking, branding, and marketing. Proficient in trend analysis, visioning, and city planning, he created the World’s Best Cities rankings for over 400 cities in 2016. A respected speaker on tourism, real estate, and urban development, he has also chaired the Urban Land Institute’s Travel Experience & Trends Council and teaches Placemaking at New York University.

Chris is a member of the Who is Who of World's Leading Place Brand Impact Makers.

Dianna Carr, Vice President, Storytelling

For nearly thirty years, Dianna has excelled as a storyteller across various platforms, including print, television, and radio. Dianna’s writing talents have taken her from the intricacies of major urban centers to the pleasures of resort life.

Her expertise lies in crafting language that sets places apart, engages diverse audiences, and motivates a broad spectrum of participants and stakeholders.

Jeremie Feinblatt, Vice President, Strategy

Jeremie is a global expert in destination strategy and branding with over 20 years of agency and institutional experience in strategy, consulting, and entrepreneurial roles.

At Resonance, Jeremie launched and spearheaded WRLDCTY, our global forum for urban innovation, and currently leads our destination strategy practice around the world.

Tom Gierasimczuk, Vice President, Communication

Our Vice President of Communications is a lauded and award-winning journalist and distinguished marketer. He spearheads thought-provoking content initiatives aimed at propelling new business, maintaining client loyalty, fostering audience interaction, and amplifying brand influence.

Under his leadership, Resonance’s exclusive ‘Best Cities’ reports have achieved even greater heights.

Steven Pedigo, Vice President, Economic Development

As Vice President of Economic Development at Resonance, Steven is an authority in economic development research and strategy, as well as marketing and place branding.

His expertise has extended to providing counsel to a wide array of entities, including cities, universities, real estate developers, non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and prominent media establishments across the global landscape.

Steven is a member of the Who is Who of World's Leading Place Brand Impact Makers.

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