For more than 15 years TOPOSOPHY has been inspiring and supporting clients to transform places, whether these are neighbourhoods, cities, regions or whole countries, through the design, development and delivery of innovative and impactful placemaking and marketing solutions that are built to last.

Our in-house team of 20 dedicated professionals, and global network of 20+ associates, includes some of our industry’s most experienced researchers, analysts, strategists, marketeers, designers and field experts. We have delivered place-based projects in 40+ countries across four continents and are trusted advisors to some of the world’s leading international organisations, multinational brands and government agencies.

Office Locations: London | Athens

Our Purpose

Shaping places and empowering communities through strategy, research, marketing and events.

Service Portfolio

Research & Intelligence

  • Place / Destination audits
  • Trends Analysis
  • Strategic benchmarking
  • Consumer / Visitor Research
  • Resident Sentiment Research

Strategy & Consulting

  • Tourism master plans & feasibility studies
  • Destination management plans
  • Stakeholder mapping & community consultation
  • Strategy sprints & workshops

Marketing & Branding

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand design
  • Destination marketing plans & campaigns

Creative Platforms & Events

  • Concept Development & Experience Design
  • Project Management & Event Planning
  • Events & Community Building
  • Curation & Programming

Guided by ‘Topos’

‘Place’, aka 'topos' in Greek, is at the core of our name and our perspective. This is why we always look at the big picture and study places as a whole, thinking of the impact and legacy of everything we do.

Place is at the heart of everything we do, and by combining our place-centric ethos with our people-centric approach, we deliver tangible and impactful results for our clients.

Recent Clients & Projects

European Travel Commission


Visit Bruges


Donegal County Council and Fermanagh & Omagh District Council


Glasgow Life


National Reconstruction Committee for Northern Evia, Greece


Visit Tunisia




Edinburgh Tourism Action Group


Our Team

Manolis Psarros, CEO & Chief Strategist

Manolis is a serial entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and keynote speaker with 20+ years of experience in tourism & destination strategies at a global level.

Since 2000 Manolis has:

  • Led more than 60 destination development & management strategies in 25+ countries.
  • Run 50+ destination marketing programs & campaigns.
  • Delivered 150+ keynote presentations.
  • Conceptualized, launched and served This Is Athens & Partners (official DMO for the City of Athens) as Tourism Development Director and Chief Destination Strategist for 12 years.

Moreover, Manolis has:

  • Been appointed in long term consulting assignments & senior advisory roles for major tourism & travel organizations such as HOTREC, European Cities Marketing, European Travel Commission, UNDP, and UNWTO.
  • Been Honorary Founding Member of the International Place Branding Association & Guidance Group Member of the Geo Branding Center.
  • Launched TOPOSOPHY Placemaking & Marketing agency in 2010. Now leading all company's BUs & projects as Chief Destination Strategist & CEO.

Peter Jordan, Head of Insights

Peter is a strategist and researcher specialized in sustainable tourism planning, destination development, and consumer trends. He’s frequently to be found presenting our insights through keynote presentations and workshops and through our podcast series Common Ground.

  • Since 2014, Peter has been working as a Senior Project Manager, leading TOPOSOPHY’s international projects, and responsible for managing diverse strategy and research projects for clients in multiple countries.
  • In recent years his work has focused largely on leading our market studies and handbooks for clients such as the European Travel Commission and delivering thought leadership workshops and presentations to the City Destinations Alliance.
  • He has also led TOPOSOPHY’s Scottish projects, helping to guide national bodies and regional destinations through times of change.

Dr. Pantazis Pastras, Senior Researcher and Analyst

One of the oldest members of the TOPOSOPHY team. Dr. Pastras possesses excellent skills in market research, qualitative research, and destination strategy, along with a long record of research on tourism policy and regulations for short-term rentals.

  • Since joining TOPOSOPHY in 2014, Pantazis has led the systematic monitoring of international trends, providing market intelligence insights to domestic and international clients.
  • He is responsible for planning and monitoring all TOPOSOPHY’s research work including country market reports, policy papers, and travel & tourism trends reports for both public and private sector clients.
  • His project portfolio extends from strategic plans for destination marketing organizations to market analysis reports for hotels, high-end restaurants, and international organizations.

Marta Mills, Senior Project Manager | Sustainable Tourism

Senior sustainable tourism consultant and regenerative tourism enthusiast. Specializing in stakeholder engagement, qualitative research, and destination strategy. The holder of three Master's degrees, currently improving her knowledge of the tourism sector’s response to the climate emergency.

  • Since joining TOPOSOPHY’s Strategy and Research team in 2021, Marta has led on Destination Net Zero Action Plan development and other climate-related projects, and promoted regenerative approaches in strategy development.
  • Her past experience includes five years as a Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Manager at the UK Department for International Development, and over 10 years working predominantly in Eastern Europe and in the Caucasus as a communications and sustainable tourism consultant and trainer.

Chris Armstrong, Senior Project Specialist | Placemaking

Chris joined TOPOSOPHY in March 2023 with specialist experience in the design, development, and delivery of creative placemaking and cultural regeneration strategies. Chris brings with him a wealth of practical experience leading impactful, purpose-driven initiatives across both rural landscapes and inner-city neighbourhoods.

  • Chris' experience spans across urban regeneration, placemaking, and community-based tourism in Northern Ireland.
  • As founder of EastSide Tourism, he’s a thought leader in Peace Tourism and Regenerative Tourism. He has led some of Northern Ireland’s most innovative developments in creative placemaking and cultural regeneration.
  • Since 2023, he has been leading multiple tourism, placemaking, and marketing projects at TOPOSOPHY.

Panagiotis Kinanlis

Panagiotis joined TOPOSOPHY in April 2024 with specialized experience in project management and technical assistance on National and EU-funded projects, as well as in academic and business-oriented research. Over the coming months, he will be leading multiple tourism strategy & research projects focusing on destination management and marketing.

  • Panagiotis has been active as a Project Manager since 2017, responsible for various projects on fintech, smart cities, and education. He has been working as a business consultant on EU-funded projects for SMEs since 2007, and as a seminar instructor/training consultant since 2015.
  • He has also been involved in Technical Consulting Services for the Public Sector, managing the closure of projects with a total budget of 28+ million euros.
  • His scientific interests include various issues of Supply Chain Management, Smart Cities, Innovation Business Models, and AgriFood Supply Chain.

Latest Insights on Placemaking and Place Marketing

We invite you to explore this selection of white papers that we recently published, as a Knowledge Partner of the City Destinations Alliance (formerly European Cities Marketing), and as part of our own in-house advisory to support our industry and clients navigate challenges and respond to opportunities.

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April 2024

The 24/7 revolution: How cities are transforming their night economies

January 2024

Exploring the Emerging role of the Place Making and Marketing Organisation

December 2022

ETC Handbook on Encouraging Sustainable Tourism Practices

September 2021

ETC Handbook on COVID-19 Recovery Strategies

September 2020

ECM Toolbox for Managing Tourism Growth in Europe

June 2018

The Future of DMOs: The ECM Manifest

May 2017

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