Academic Journals Covering Place Branding Research

Overview of academic journals featuring research linked to the branding, management and marketing of places, such as cities, regions, countries and destinations.

Journal of Place Branding and Public DiplomacyPlace Branding and Public Diplomacy

Published by Palgrave / Springer

Place Branding and Public Diplomacy is the first and only journal to concentrate on the practice of applying brand strategy and other marketing techniques and disciplines to the economic, social, political and cultural development of cities, regions and countries.”

Edited by James Pamment and Robert Govers | See editorial board

Journal of Destination Marketing and ManagementJournal of Destination Marketing and Management

Published by Elsevier

“The Journal of Destination Marketing & Management (JDMM) aims to be the leading international journal for the study of tourist destinations by providing a critical understanding of all aspects of their marketing and management, as they are situated in their particular policy, planning, economic, geographical and historical contexts.”

Edited by A. Fyall, B. Garrod, Y. Wang | See editorial board

Journal of Place Management and DevelopmentJournal of Place Management and Development

Published by Emerald

“This journal is unique in bringing together research from management, real estate, marketing, tourism, retailing, geography, public administration, sociology, planning and design to advance understanding of place management, marketing and development.”

Edited by Cathy Parker. Associate Editors: Cecilia Pasquinelli, Sebatian Zenker. | See editorial board

Journal of Brand ManagementJournal of Brand Management

Published by Palgrave

“The journal has established itself as the leading authoritative journal on brand management and strategy. It publishes original peer-reviewed papers which look at all dimensions of this fast-evolving field, drawing together cutting-edge analysis and the latest thinking from leading international figures in industry and academia.”

Edited by Tim Oliver Brexendorf, Joachim Kernstock, Shaun M. Powell | See editorial board

Journal of MaJournal of Marketing Managementrketing Management

Published by Taylor & Francis (Routledge)

“The Journal of Marketing Management (JMM) is the official Journal of the Academy of Marketing and is concerned with all aspects marketing theory and practice. The JMM is the preeminent outlet in marketing and consumer research, and welcomes contributions from across the paradigmatic and methodological spectrum.”

Edited by Mark Tadajewski | See editorial board

Other academic journals which occasionally feature research articles relevant for place brand professionals:

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