Sebastian Zenker on Place Marketing and City Branding in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands

Sebastian Zenker, Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, in this interview talks about place marketing and branding, and shares his experience gained as lecturer in city marketing and as an independent consultant for places and companies, mostly in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Learn about:

  • The nature of place marketing;
  • Why doing place branding without something good to communicate is a waste of time;
  • The role if city branding in place management;
  • How perceptions of places vary across audiences;
  • The importance of city brands in the 21st century;
  • The benefits and disadvantages of inter-regional place branding;
  • Differences in how Dutch, Germans or Danish view and approach place branding;
  • How to measure the success of city branding initiatives.

Sebastian, why did you decide to join Copenhagen Business School?

I chose CBS because of its reputation. Quite often universities in well-known places still have a higher reputation than smaller ones in lesser known cities.

In addition, Copenhagen offers an inspiring environment. I work in the knowledge industry and need a stimulating environment. Copenhagen has a high level of excitement and recreation at the same time.

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The Editorial Team

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