Editor’s Update: Florian Kaefer Interviewed & 2025 Yearbook Sneak Peek

At the recent Global Soft Power Summit in London, I had the opportunity to chat with Brand Finance about the intricate links between tourism, sustainability, and soft power. This was part of my two day experience of the summit which included a panel session that I moderated on this very topic with Bhutan, Türkiye and Africa (see my LinkedIn post).

The interview was more of a brief statement, compared to the hour-long panel, nevertheless potentially useful in that it provides a glimpse into the evolving dynamics of place branding (and what the Global Soft Power Summit looks like – meet you there next year?).

Key Takeaways

During the interview – and our panel session, we discussed several critical topics. One of the main themes was the often overlooked but powerful relationship between tourism and soft power. This connection is essential for regions and countries looking to enhance their global reputation and influence.

Evolution of Sustainability in Tourism

We explored how tourism can go beyond traditional sustainability practices. The goal is not just to balance economic, environmental, and social aspects but to create a net positive impact. This means that tourism should actively benefit communities and natural environments, rather than merely minimizing harm. This evolution in sustainability is crucial for fostering long-term positive change and enhancing a region’s soft power.

Learning and Networking Opportunities

The Global Soft Power Summit and platforms like The Place Brand Observer provide invaluable opportunities for learning and networking. These events allow professionals to benchmark their progress, draw inspiration from peers, and share best practices. Understanding where we stand and identifying areas for improvement are key to advancing our place branding strategies effectively.

You can watch the full interview below or on YouTube.

Sneak Peek: 2025 Place Brand Leaders Yearbook

The Place Brand Leaders Yearbook 2025 is shaping up to be a remarkable project. With Brand Finance as our principal sponsor, we are looking forward to a dedicated session at their flagship event in London in February 2025.

This Yearbook will feature over 20 cities and countries, showcasing their unique approaches to place branding. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are eager to see the final collection of case studies and insights.

Curious what a yearbook looks like?

Download your free copy of our 2024 Yearbook here

Stay tuned for more updates on the Yearbook and the exciting developments in place branding!

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Dr. Florian Kaefer is a strategic place branding and sustainable tourism expert, publisher, and speaker with over a decade of experience connecting with and learning from over 500 leading professionals worldwide. He is the founder of both The Place Brand Observer and Sustainability Leaders United. Through his knowledge platforms, coaching, and advising, he helps organizations, destinations, and locations excel in these fields and become recognized as leaders in sustainability and place branding. Book Florian as a speaker for your event.
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