Silver Lining Strategy: Tourism and Events Planning Consultancy

Silver Lining Strategy is a consultancy specializing in major event strategy, planning and evaluation. It works with tourism authorities, economic development agencies, event owners and councils to plan events that engage locals, drive visitation and encourage investment. The company’s place-based events approach helps put communities on the map.

We’re about helping places create and grow events that are integral to that place’s identity.

Based in Melbourne, Australia – with clients ranging from remote Australian towns to overseas metropolises.

Silver Lining Strategy

Which services do you offer?

  • Event concept creation, testing and delivery
  • Event calendar strategy
  • Event business planning and strategy
  • Event impact evaluation
  • Community consultation
  • Primary research

Your advice on place brand success...

Spend time and resources identifying and defining your place’s fundamental point(s) of difference. It’s that point of difference that will most often drive the attraction of visitors, residents and businesses alike.

Establish a consensus around a vision for your place and an accompanying set of values. Bring everyone along for the ride by using that vision and those values to unify.

Specifically, when it comes to recurring events, we like to put each event we work with through a filter of the “six fundamentals of sustainable events”. Have a look here.

Stuart Speirs on the Power of Events and Place Branding in Australia

In this interview, Stuart Speirs – the Director of Silver Lining Strategy – sheds light on the immense impact the event industry can have on a place, quoting examples of successful events from Sydney. He explains how events can help develop a distinguishing identity that resonates with residents and visitors.


Recent clients:

  • Tourism Fiji
  • Kangaroo Island Tourism Alliance
  • Mackay Isaac Tourism
  • Ballarat City Council
  • Newtown Festival
  • Events ACT (Canberra)
  • Tourism and Events Queensland
  • Sapphire Coast Tourism
  • City of Whittlesea

Five hashtags that best describe you:

#listentolearn #invested #openandhonest #communityovercompetition #leavealegacy

Who is leading the business?

Stu Speirs, Founder and Director. A lover of places and uncovering what makes them unique. Stu is a listener and loves hearing people's truth and what makes them proud about the place they live. Creating and growing events that tap into that sense of local pride is Silver Lining Strategy's core business. The sense of place, cultural development and unity delivered by events such as Korea's Boryeong Mud Festival, France's Fete de la Musique, Sydney's Vivid Festival and Queenstown's Unconformity Festival, is what inspires Stu in his day to day.

If you want to create an event that will put your place on the map, speak to Stu.

Stuart Speirs

Which topics are you most passionate about?

Recurring events! From whale festivals in coastal towns to celebrations of gem fossicking in Central Australia, we can’t get enough of events that go to the heart of a place.

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