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Efe Sevin

Four Suggestions for the Future of Place Branding Research

Place branding scholar Efe Sevin discusses the future of place branding research and offers four suggestions for the discipline.

Three Steps for Turkey to Reposition its Brand Image in Time of Coup

Efe Sevin suggests three steps for Turkey to proactively manage its deteriorating country brand image in time of coup.

Who Cites Whom in Place Branding? Efe Sevin Investigates

Efe Sevin investigates who cites whom in place branding, using Citation Network and Bibliographic Coupling Analysis. Must read for scholars interested in the branding of cities, regions, countries, nations and destinations.

How to Teach Place Branding at University

Teaching Place Branding at University: Efe Sevin shares his experience of setting up a course on place branding within his university's communications department - no easy task!

Putting Place Branding in its Place (as an Academic Discipline)

Efe Sevin serves as our Academic Observer this semester. In this post, Efe discusses whether place branding research deserves to be treated as a stand-alone academic discipline.

Place Brand Measurement and the Disconnect Between Place Branding Research and Practice

Efe Sevin reflects on the place brand measurement challenge and the growing gap between place branding practice and research (academia).
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