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David Downs: Shaping New Zealand’s Story

Meet David Downs, highly experienced professional currently in charge of New Zealand Story Group. Explore his background and speaker profile.

Natasha Grand Norman: Place Identity Specialist

Explore Natasha Grand Norman's impact on place branding, regions and identity - as a speaker and through INSTID, the Institute for Identity.

Simon Anholt: Independent Policy Advisor, Author, Speaker

Meet Simon Anholt, the founder of Anholt & Co and a leading researcher, advisor and speaker on nation brands, national image and the "good country equation".

Florian Kaefer: Place Brand Storytelling & Sustainability Communication Specialist

Discover the work of Florian Kaefer, a prominent figure in place brand storytelling, strategic communication and sustainability leadership. Publisher, author and speaker based in Eastern Switzerland.

Robert Govers: Place Branding Scholar, Advisor, Speaker

Meet Robert Govers, a renowned international place branding advisor and author, exploring his influential work on city, region, and country reputation, and his role in shaping place branding theory and practice.
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