Robert Govers

Meet Robert Govers, a renowned international place branding advisor and author, exploring his influential work on city, region, and country reputation, and his role in shaping place branding theory and practice.

KOH Buck Song Speaker Profile

Koh Buck Song (family name: Koh) is a Singaporean country brand advisor who has advised the Singapore government on many aspects of economic and...

Florian Kaefer Speaker Profile

Florian Kaefer: speaker and moderator at webinars and other events. Speaks about place brand leaders - who they are, how they succeed and lessons learned.

Natasha Grand Speaker Profile

Dr Natasha Grand, INSTID: speaker on place identity, archetypal nature of places, emotions and practical insights into the place branding process.

Todd Babiak Speaker Profile

Todd Babiak, Canada: available for keynotes and seminars on narrative and using it to create, build, and maintain a unique and powerful place brand.

Tom Buncle Speaker Profile

Tom Buncle: keynotes and workshops on place branding, crisis recovery for destinations, responsible tourism, destination management planning, travel trends.
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