KOH Buck Song Speaker Profile

Koh Buck Song (family name: Koh) is a Singaporean country brand advisor who has advised the Singapore government on many aspects of economic and...

Florian Kaefer Speaker Profile

Florian Kaefer: speaker and moderator at webinars and other events. Speaks about place brand leaders - who they are, how they succeed and lessons learned.

Natasha Grand Speaker Profile

Dr Natasha Grand, INSTID: speaker on place identity, archetypal nature of places, emotions and practical insights into the place branding process.

Todd Babiak Speaker Profile

Todd Babiak, Canada: available for keynotes and seminars on narrative and using it to create, build, and maintain a unique and powerful place brand.

Tom Buncle Speaker Profile

Tom Buncle: keynotes and workshops on place branding, crisis recovery for destinations, responsible tourism, destination management planning, travel trends.

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